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Fortune Consultants & Co offering services which includes

  • Student
  • Skilled
  • Investors 

Skilled Immigration

The skilled migration program is highly competitive and the program is designed to be responsive to Australian labour market conditions. Eligibility for skilled migration may be determined by the requirements in place at the time a person seeks to make their skilled migration application, regardless of whether or not they have previously been in Australia.

Student Immigration

The student visa program enables overseas students to come to Australia to undertake full-time study in registered courses.

When processing applications, the department ensures:

  • transparency in the requirements to be granted a student visa
  • consistency in decision-making
  • integrity of the student visa program by using objective measures of risk to determine visa requirements.


The Australian Government offers a 2 stage process for Investors to gain Permanent Residence in Australia. Stage 1 is a four year investor visa. You must buy Australian Government Bonds to qualify for the visa. Bonds are purchased at the end of the process (buying bonds is the last part of the process to get the visa, after everything else is approved). Permanent Residence (stage 2) proceeds after you have owned the bonds for 4 years.

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Student's Immigration

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Skilled Immigration

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