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financial Consultancy

The firm believes that it has the knowledge and experience necessary to help its clients with complex  financial, accounting, and organizational, process, people, system and business issues by providing a  broad and co-ordinate range of timely and value-for- money services. The firm is committed to  meeting the expectations of its clients by maintaining international standards and fully exploiting the advantages of technology.

The firm fully appreciates the criticality of human capital and takes keen interest in retaining its  employees. The human resource management policies introduced and implemented by the firm over time have helped in ensuring an employee retention ratio of over 75%. The financial health of the firm  is also very strong as evidenced from positive working capital and positive cash flows from operations for the last three years.

The firm believes that it has the knowledge and experience necessary to help its clients with complex  financial, accounting, and organizational, process, people, system and business issues by providing a  broad and co-ordinate range of timely and value-for- money services. The firm is committed to  meeting the expectations of its clients by maintaining international standards and fully exploiting the advantages of technology.


Growth through superior customer service, innovation, quality and commitment.


Nurturing a winning network of partners and building mutual loyalty.



Auditing and Assurance


•     Financial Statement Audit •     Regulatory Compliance and Reporting
•     Review of Internal Controls over Financial


•     Sarbanes Oxley Compliance
•     IFRS Reporting •     Financial Accounting
•     Special assistance/ advice on capital market transactions •     Independent Controls and Systems

Process Assurance


Risk Advisory and Performance Improvement


•     Sarbanes Oxley Compliance •     COSO and ERM Advisory
•     Strategy Consulting, Feasibility Studies and

Business Planning

•     ERP Implementation Services
•     Risk Management Advisory •     Business Process Re-engineering
•     Due Diligence •     Financial and Corporate Reporting


•     Fraud Risk Services •     Internal Audit
•     Shared Services and Outsourcing •     Benchmarking Studies and Gap Analysis
•     Business Performance and Efficiencies •     Review/ Design of Organisational

Structure and Roles

•     Regulatory & Compliance Reviews •     Assistance in IT System Selection and



Audit Services

Whether you’re seeking additional capital, better terms from your banker, courting investors or just looking for ways to improve operations, an audit provides information you can depend on to make quality decisions. Our industry-specific audit approach will be tailored specifically to your operations and reporting requirements.

Due to more stringent requirements instituted by the auditing profession in recent years, many  long-standing audit procedures and methods have changed. Risk-based audit standards give us a more complete picture of your organization, including how you operate, the risks you face, and how you are addressing those risks. The result is an  in-depth  understanding  of  your  entire  operation  and  greater  assurance  of  the reliability of your financial statements.

We use the latest in computer-assisted audit techniques to access information, identify trends and make  comparisons that are not possible with manual methods. Efficiency and relevance are always  top  priorities, allowing procedures to be completed quickly and with fewer disruptions to your operations.

Fortune Consultants & Co audit services include–

•     Testing your records and procedures so we can express an opinion on the fair presentation of your financial statements.

•     Incorporating technology that allows us to assist you in preparing integrated financial statements and schedules in a timely manner.

•     Internal control system reviews

•     Internal Audits : Financial Audits

Operational Audits

Grant Audits Project Audits Compliance Audits

Business Investigation Audit

Due Diligence

•     Compliance review and validation of prospective financial statements

•     Regulatory Audits and Compliance Review

•     Corporate Investigations and Forensic Audit

Analyzing current financial information and comparing it with prior periods to measure progress. This information can also be used to benchmark with similar companies and gauge your competitive position. Comprehensive management reports include insights and suggestions uncovered during the engagement.

Review Services

If full auditing services are not required, we can provide review services on historical financial statements. A review consists of discussions with senior management and our analytical  procedures.  The  resulting  report  indicates  limited  assurance  as  to  the appropriateness of the financial statements.

Accounting Services

Fortune  Consultants  &  Co  core  services  are  built  reputation  for  excellence  in accounting and other financial services, including:

•     Accounting system design and implementation

•     Financial statements and general ledger

•     Cash flow statements

•     Payroll and sales tax reports

•     Accounts payable and receivable

•     Bank statement reconciliation

•     Budgets and other reports

•     Calculations of taxable employee benefits

•     Depreciation and amortization schedules

•     Income tax planning and preparation

•     Job cost schedules

•     Ratio analysis

•     Review of internal controls

•     Book keeping

•     Payroll preparation and related services

•     Processing high volume transactions

•     Opinion and counseling on accounting matters

•     Designing  and  implementation  of  Accounting  system  including  training  of organizations Accounting personnel

•     Drafting/compiling Accounting Policies and procedures

•     Facilitating implementation of new computerized accounting system or shifting from existing one to a new one


Payroll Processing

FCC  payroll   processing   solutions   take  your   organization  beyond   routine   check processing and accounting for tax compliance, direct deposits, garnishments, insurance contributions, retirement plan contributions and tax withholding. Our professional staff can also prepare quarterly payroll tax returns, and a variety of special reports to help you manage key operational areas.  Whenever possible, we take full advantage of electronic filing and reporting options.

FCC services can help you take your payroll to new levels of efficiency, while also making it the centerpiece of employee satisfaction and retention. Our experience gives you a head start in the customized development, implementation and other tax-favored retirement plans.

Taxation & Legal Advisory

Taxes are a critical consideration for both your business and personal finances. Our tax professionals help to balance your personal and business taxes in an effort to minimize your overall tax liability and allow you to enjoy more of your assets.

Fortune Consultants & Co tax specialists work proactively, providing strategic solutions and  helping  you  to  avoid  costly  missteps.  We  go  beyond  personal  income  tax preparation to coordinate issues involving gifts, estate and succession planning, trusts, real estate purchase or sale, and personal investment planning.

The Tax Consulting and Federal Tax Consulting Solutions groups are also available when opportunities arise and create the need for more specialized knowledge.


Business Advisory Services

Fortune Consultants & Co provides a full range of business advisory services to the financial  services  sector  and  public  institutions.  The  Fortune  Consultants  &  CoFinancial Risk Management Practice supports the clients in meeting the challenges of increasing  complexity  in  the  market  and  pressure  from  investors  for  increased shareholder value by applying an integrated risk management concept.



Asset Management

With an ever-expanding universe of investment options and volatile market conditions, knowing how to manage your assets can be frustrating and time consuming. To make matters even more complicated, you may be working with several different advisors— an accountant and tax advisor, an attorney, an  insurance agent, and one or more brokers and investment advisors.

Fortune  Consultants  &  Co  is  one  firm  you  can  trust  with  all  of  your  asset management   advice                        and  decisions.  We  offer  a  unique  combination  of  service professionals, investment managers, accountants and tax professionals who work with you to monitor your portfolio, emphasizing risk-adjusted returns and tax efficiency. You benefit from objective, coordinated advice.

Personal Financial Planning

These days, it seems everyone is calling themselves a financial planner. But as you are probably aware,  many of their services come with strings attached – commissions, loads, ties to certain types or sources of investments, and so on.

At Fortune Consultants & Co, we feel it is important for your future well-being to use financial planning resources that are competent and objective; resources that put your best interests first. Our financial planning professionals will concentrate on drawing up your financial “blue print” so that you are able to choose where and how you implement our objective recommendations. The advantage to working withFortune Consultants & Co is that our experts are compensated by salary only as we believe this work should happen in a conflict-controlled environment.

At Fortune Consultants & Co, you benefit from the experience and trust that a

Certified Financial Planner professional brings to the table.

Cash Flow Planning

Some will recognize the more “painful” term of budgeting, but we prefer the term cash flow analysis to determine the simpler aspects of how much money comes in and how much money goes out. We work with you to determine strategies for the best timing of some of these events as well as areas for opportunity to increase inflows, if possible, as well as reducing the outflows. This section also helps determine success in many of the other sections. Getting a handle on where all the money goes is often times a critical exercise for many people.

Estate Planning

We will show you how your estate will act under current legislation and point out any and all reasonable solutions so that when you are ready to work with your attorney, you will have the confidence that all practical remedies have been addressed. Whether your estate is simple or complex, our experts will work with all of your current advisors to find the best available solution for you.

Retirement Planning

Our professionals will show you how your current plan might look between now and the time you want to retire so that you can make educated choices to attain your goals. We will calculate any and all  contingencies necessary to explore the likelihood that your retirement plans might allow you the freedom you seek. In some cases, we discover that actions must be taken to attain these goals. We  have found that it is better to address these issues as early as possible in order to be able to attain your unique goals.

Portfolio Analysis

We will work with you to determine your tolerance for risk, as well as discuss your capacity  to  undertake  risk. We employ  several  methods, including a psychometric profile, to gain the best understanding of your unique ideas about investing. We will then work with you to construct an appropriate investment portfolio and work with you on the monitoring and evaluation of your future success.

Risk Management Planning

Working with clients, FCC identifies and assesses the current risk management policies, procedures and systems in such areas as credit, market and operational risk, as well as capital management. FCC services range from auditing of an existing arrangement to the design and implementation of new risk management frameworks and infrastructure, complete              with         performance               measurement           and                 management           controls.  The   firm recommends practical  solutions that  balance industry best practice and regulators’ requirements with clients’ commercial expectations,  budget parameters and internal culture. In particular, FCC pays attention to the appropriateness of the solution to each client’s  individual  circumstances  and  practical  needs  rather  than  recommending  a standard FCC Tax Planning.

Our professionals will work to explore every reasonable tool available to take advantage of the current legislation to maximize your returns and minimize the effect of taxes. We show you how the timing and  receipt of income in any given year can affect your decisions about the ultimate distribution from  various sections of your portfolio as earned income is reduced in retirement. We work closely with your tax accountant to ensure that you pay no more than your fair share.


Fortune Consultants & Co offers Accounting Outsourcing that comprises of a full range of services, including core processes, MIS etc.

Core Accounting Services

Ø  Accounts Receivable

Ø  Accounts Payable

Ø  General Ledger

Ø  Collection & Billing

Ø  Payroll Processing

Ø  Document Management

Ø  Complete Book keeping & Data Entry

Reporting & Management Information Systems

Ø  Preparation of Financial Statements as per IFRS

Ø  Companies Ordinance (Pakistan)

Ø  Forecasting & Variance Reporting

Ø  Cash Management and Cash Flow Reporting

Ø  Inventory Management

Ø  Financial Analysis

Ø  Customized MIS.

Regulatory & Other Compliances

Ø  Corporate Returns

Ø  Income Tax Returns

Ø  Sales Tax Returns

Ø  Contract Reviews


Human Resource Management (HRM)

•      Human resource management refers to the organizational features designed to deal with all of the issues involving the employees who make up an organization. These key features include hiring, employee compensation, benefits, training and development, safety and wellness, employee performance management vis-à-vis company standards, evaluation, sanctions and termination.

•      HR  outsourcing  can  be   understood  to   be   the   part  of  human  resource management that’s concerned with having an external HR provider manages a particular process or processes instead of handling it internally. The HR division or group may previously  have administered said process or processes for the company  but  may  have  decided  or  have  been  instructed  to  outsource  it. Conversely, the need for a particular process may have just been discovered or developed  and  the  company  may  have  decided  to  outsource  it  instead  of administering it in-house.

•      Companies elect to outsource HR services for several benefits. One reason is the reduced operational cost. Another is increased company efficiency—the company and its resources can be freed up to focus on a smaller number of overall tasks. A third reason is access to HR  expertise  that may not be available within the company and which the company may not wish to acquire or develop. A fourth reason is for strategic reasons, such as a change in the  company’s goals and focus.

Market Outsourcing

The  Market  Outsourcing Program,  monthly  retainer  secures  our  creative  direction, project management, marketing, sales and general persuasion expertise on your behalf.

It’s like hiring an ad agency and a seasoned VP of marketing all in one. No matter what you are facing, we have probably seen the same issue before — probably dozens of times. Why “learn as you go”  when the voice of experience is waiting to join your efforts?


Marketing Outsourcing means Speed

We are fast. Typically, we find ourselves waiting on our clients – not the other way around.  Speed,  when  coupled  with  quality  and  experience,  is  a  very  effective competitive advantage. We have found entrepreneurs, in general, to be some of the most decisive people out there. Once an  entrepreneur is convinced of a course of action, they prize speed of implementation.


Marketing Outsourcing means teamwork

Our Pakistan Advantage Marketing Outsourcing Program was constructed to foster the kind of teamwork we have found to be responsible for all the major successes we’ve accomplished in over number of clients. The further we get from the front door and the closer we come to being “part of the family”, the more success typically results. Our innovative  retainer  program  allows  us  to  spend  the  time  necessary  with  your organization to make the most effective recommendations for you.

We think you should enjoy the people you work with and we have found that true bonds of camaraderie have an incalculable value in achieving monumental results. Not only are we able to get more done for less — we actually enjoy it!

Sales Outsourcing

Our sales outsourcing processes and methodologies have been proven with over a decade of successful client experience.  Teaming together to outsource sales in a Co- sourcing or Outsourcing initiative is often the best choice for companies operating in either very  tough  markets, in  complex  business-to-business  sales  environments  or where sales is not a superior competency.

Unless your sales organization represents a real competitive advantage for you over your competitors, you might consider teaming with Sales Overdrive to outsource your sales activities. In this way your company is able to focus on your core business and allow Sales Overdrive to create a competitive sales advantage for you.

Other benefits include:

•      Speed to Market – We can assist you in developing a winning sales execution strategy and then build, train, and deploy a best-in-breed national sales force in as little as 45 days.

•      Talent and Accountability – Your sales team is specifically selected for your environment and industry.

•      Proven Model – Overdrive sales teams repeatedly outperform other sales models with higher rates of return on invested dollars.

•      Best in Sales Technology – All Overdrive professionals are provided with leading- edge          sales   tools   and   appropriate   technology   tailored   to   your   specific requirements.


Inside Sales Outsourcing

•      Our inside sales outsourcing services help you sell your products or services when doing so in-house is not the most efficient option. We recruit and deploy seasoned sales professionals with proven track records who are backed by our years of experience in sales.

Sales Force Outsourcing

•      We develop a winning sales execution strategy and then build, train, and deploy a best-in-class  sales force for you in as little as 45 days. The sales team is specifically selected for your industry environment and is provided with leading- edge Sales over Drive sales tools and  technologies tailored to your specific requirements.

•              If sales are not your core competency, sales staff outsourcing is absolutely imperative. Sales is our business, and we do it right. Call Sales Overdrive today to see the competitive advantage we can create for your company.

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