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Turkey Work Permit

Foreign nationals must have an official work offer from an employer in Turkey to work in this country as individuals. Foreigners who plan to work in Turkey need to obtain a working visa, work permit, and residence permit. These permits will grant these foreigners the eligibility of working and living in Turkey. Foreign nationals are required to request for a visa within 90 days and a residence permit within 30 days to work in Turkey. The requirement for this permit is a valid work visa.

Turkey Residence Permit

Residence permits are required from foreign nationals who intend to remain for more than a mont\ in Turkey. Applications should be filed at Turkish Consulates and Embassies, and foreign nationals must obtain the duration of their residence in their visa before entering Turkey. Foreign nationals excluded from getting visas are also exempted from residence permits limited within the visa exemption period.

The maximum length of residence permits is a year. Local security authorities can extend this once they state a valid reason on why the foreign national wants to extend the residence permit. Foreign nationals with a residence permit can apply at the security authorities in case they leave Turkey for a temporary period. The requirements for a residence permit are the following:

i.    student certificate;
ii.   5 copies of a passport-type photograph;
iii.  a copy of the passport with valid student visa; and
iv.  a residence permit fee.

Student Turkey

The Turkish government allows foreign nationals to work while studying if they continue following Turkish rules and regulations. The non-EEA nationals need a study permit before they can apply for a work permit.

The study permit gives the foreign nationals permission to work within a limited basis. Foreign nationals can work as part-time employees or seasonal workers. They must also work up to 10 hours a week throughout the year or work full-time during the months of June, July, and August.




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