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Q: What are we Serve?
We provide our students a solution to find right and economical University and College according to your field of interest. Our more than 2 years experience organizes admissions in Top Ranking College and University. In the process we can guide you and your parents through the entire process of arranging your studies abroad from selecting a course, an institution and ensuring that you arrive safely at your chosen destination. We assist in admission, bank statement and in visa process

Q: What Countries do you work with to offer Study Abroad services?
We have agreements with various Colleges and Universities in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK, USA and Malaysia

Q: What are the intakes of the university?
The main intake of most of the universities is September and January whereas for few courses also have an intake in July. Some countries have rolling admission.

Q: How much Student get work permit in the foreign country?
In most of the countries work permit can be obtained for 20 hours per week. It varies from country to country. Most of the countries offer full time work permit in holidays

Q: What test should I take up?
The test requirement varies from countries. You may have to take up any one or more of these tests-TOFEL, IELTS, SAT, GMAT, GRE, MCAT.

Q: How much IELTS minimum and maximum bands required for the Student?
For Certificate to Bachelor student need 5.0-6.0 bands overall and for Master student needs 6.5 bands overall.

Q: What are your consultation charges?
We offer free consultation to you, your friends and family members. Once you have decided to use our services we will be charging you a highly competitive registration fees. Clients are welcome to request for an invoice for the payments made to Fortune Consultants & Co. We believe in educating our clients and expanding their horizon by providing them customized solutions to suit their education and professional needs.

Q: Why do I have to pay you registration fees?
Like every other organization we have legitimate overheads which need to be covered and hence it is imperative that we charge a nominal amount of registration fees from our clients. The registration fee supports for the courier your documents and reliable service. Break-up of our fees is as follows:

Student Registration fee:

100% during the time of registration (getting an admission and Visa Processing)

Immigration fees:

1. 40% at the time of registration (this becomes a part of your Skill assessment with the governing body)
2. 40% at the time of lodging your skilled immigration Visa application
3. 20% at the time of grant of your skilled immigration Visa

Visitor Visa fees:
100% at the time of registration
All fees and the payment options will be discussed prior to registration and it is important for the client to ensure that there are no discrepancies in the fees charged.

Q: Do I need to bring my sponsors in an interview with you?
It is always best to include your sponsor/decision maker in our interviews as they are financially committed to support your wish to study abroad. We are happy to provide them with every minute detail about our services, the institutions and the courses on offer and the related expenses.

Q: How long does it take to get the admission?
We have highly qualified and dedicated team of professionals who are solely appointed to process your applications. Once a student register with us and received all relevant documents from you (i.e. no further outstanding documents)it will takes 3 week – 2 months for the complete admission process.

Q: What are the requirements for admission into various Countries?
Each university has its own policy regarding admission requirements. Contact each university directly for the admission requirements of the program you’re interested in. Basic document are academics educational document, Ielts, Passport, Job Letter-If capable

Q: I have finished two years of my program in my home country. I would like to finish the last year of my program in other country. Will an institution accept my first two years of study and allow me to start in the third year of the program?
Yes it is possible if you are currently studying in approved institute/university you may transfer your credit by attaching your result card and each subject’s outline in order to assess Credit transfer. Please note that only those subjects which match with the intended study program can be transferred.

Q: What is meant by D2D?
Diploma leading to Degree is designed for students, who do not meet eligibility to apply directly into a bachelors program due to low percentage. They have alternate pathways i.e. they would be studying one year diploma equivalent to the first year of bachelors and progress that into the second year directly after successful completion

Q: Why do I have to pay my tuition fees upfront?
It is Visa requirement that you pay your tuition fees upfront to the educational institute. In most cases, you are only required to pay tuition fees for the first term/semester + your Overseas Health Insurance fees. Once you have reached your destination (i.e. your college/university) you may request the concerned institute to pay your tuition fees in installments. On the other hand there are some institutes which offer up to a maximum of 15% discount if you pay your entire first year tuition fees in advance at the time of enrolment.

Q: Is it simple to get a student visa?
The process is very simple if you are working with qualified and motivated Consultants like Fortune Consultants & Co. We believe your time, money and career aspirations are very important assets and we strive to offer you successful outcomes. We ensure that your case is submitted accurately and all legal requirements are met according to the Visa office standards. If you are a genuine student who has the appropriate financial sponsorship to do your course of study then we assure you it is a straight forward case.

Q: Is it possible to defer my entry to a subsequent intake?
Universities/Colleges are flexible towards this request but it is advisable that you promptly inform us about your intentions to defer the course. You will also be required to put forward your request to defer in writing to Fortune Consultants & Co and we will forward this to our partnered institute for approval.

Q: Who can be my Sponsor?
Anyone including you yourself and your spouse, who is your immediate blood relative, can act your sponsor

Q: How much Bank Statement will be needed?
Most of the country required 3 Months bank statement and in UK 28 days bank statement will be required and it’s will be about 30-50 Lakhs

Q: What are the estimated tuition Fees for all country?
The cost of education for an international student in the UK can be lower as compared to other countries i.e. £6,000 to £7,000 a year. For instance, some courses in the USA can be $25,000 plus a year in tuition alone, whereas Tuition fees for the Australia is 10,000-18,000 Australian Dollar.

Q: What is the other way if the student will not get the required Bands?
If student does not meet the bands so no worries you will go for ELICOS program from the universities

Q: When you will apply for the Spouse visa?
After applied the main applicant’s visa the spouse will apply after 3- 5 months for Spouse visa

Q: Can my spouse work in all of the country while I study?
Your spouse or common-law partner may apply for a Work Permit if you are a full-time student at an authorized institution and have a Study Permit.

Q: How much time to get the PR cards?
Most of the country gets PR easily after completing 2 years of education they will get the work permit after that they will apply for PR (Permanent Residency)

Q: Accommodation?
If you are planning to study in out your country, you will need somewhere to live. Many schools offer on-campus housing ranging from shared condominiums to dormitory-style housing. The cost for these may or may not include a meal plan and or other utilities such as phone and Internet connection.
If you choose to live off-campus, prices may be lower but will include the additional cost of furnishings, hydro, electricity and/or other miscellaneous expenses.

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