Study in Germany

Study in Germany

by nabeel

Visas to study in Germany

Study in Germany: German student visas and permits
Germany is a place to be when it comes to the quality of higher education, research infrastructure, teaching methodology, low-cost studies and career prospect. That is why many internationals continue to believe that Germany is the best place for pursuing their higher education further.

On the other hand, not every foreign person is able to pursue such a dream, right away. This because several nationalities are NOT allowed to enter and stay in the territory of Germany without enjoying the appropriate German Visa.

In our case, a visa needed is the authorising official document required to permit a non-German national to enter and stay in the territory of Germany for the purpose of studying, in a specific intended period.

Therefore, being a foreigner who:
– Just received the Acceptance Letter from a German University,
– Soon is expected to get A Response on his/her University Application in a University in Germany,
– Has to Enroll in A Foundation Course before applying in a German University,
– Needs to Take a Foundation Course (Studienkolleg) to prepare for the test “Feststellungsprüfung” – qualification assessment examination.

Needs to Complete a Doctoral Degree:
Wants to Engage in a Research Project in Germany
… YOU will HAVE to apply for the appropriate German Study VISA at the Embassy or Consulate of Germany in your country to enter and stay for the intended period in Germany, in case you come from one of these countries.

In case you will need to remain in the territory of Germany for more than 90 DAYS, or 3 MONTHS, you will be called to also get a Residence Permit early enough after the arrival in Germany.

Speaking of the appropriate time, there is no fixed period where you should make the visa application, but it is highly suggested to do it early enough in advance from your planned travel to Germany.

Typically, 3 (three) months before the start of planned studies, worked suitably for many who already went through the same experience.

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