Hungry Bond Residency Program

Hungry Bond Residency Program

by nabeel

Hungry Bond Residency Program:

Providing you details of Hungry Bond Residency Program or Golden Visa

1- You will have to buy Euro 300,000/- Worth Bond from Hungarian Govt. which are refundable after 5 years.
2- Application fees will be Euro 60,000/- Whole Process takes 3 Months only.
3- Our consultancy Charges are Euro 10,000/- half at the time of registration and half at the time of Visa.

What more could you ask for…?:

1- Europe’s newest and most attractive investment resideny program presents an exceptional opportunity for getting PR in Hungry.
2- EU and Schengen member state, and live, do business, or travel freely to and within Europe.
3- In exchange for a 300,000 euro safe and state-guaranteed investment, applicants of all nationalities can obtain permanent resident permits with only a single visit to Hungary.
4-Invest for 5 years – and get lifetime permanent residency for the entire family in a matter of weeks!

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